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Fecha 8 February, 2021 Tiempo José Ángel Sanz Tiempo Maintenance Tiempo 2 Minutes read

5 Benefits of Preventive Maintenance on Corporate Fleet Vehicles

Implementing a preventive maintenance program on your fleet vehicles ensures a reduction on maintenance costs and makes their operation more efficient and reliable.


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The benefits of preventive maintenance

According to Kenworth, the American based truck manufacturer, preventive maintenance (sometimes known as defensive maintenance) is a set of programmed activities at specified intervals and developed professionally in one or many vehicles. The importance of the preventive maintenance program on company vehicles is a top priority. Here is why.

1.Increased safety for drivers and vehicles

Although often overlooked, we should not forget that driver safety in our vehicles is of major importance. Complying with a preventive maintenance program considerably reduces the probability of accidents from vehicle malfunction. The benefits of PM are not limited to safety, but also raises driver comfort and productivity.

2. A reduction of vehicle downtime

A well scheduled and executed preventive maintenance plan reduces vehicle downtime up to 60%. A growing number of fleet managers are asking themselves not only how to carry out the preventive maintenance of their fleet vehicles, but also how to measure its effectiveness. Ultimately, the most effective plans reduce corrective maintenance costs and maximize fleet availability.

3. Significant savings on fuel consumption

Worn spark plugs, incorrect tire pressure, suspension problems, oil in poor conditions….. All of this generates an increase up to 30% in fuel consumption. Once again, a timely and precise preventive maintenance plan is the key to help your vehicles achieve adequate performance and avoid consuming more fuel than required for your fleet activities.

Fuel consumption is the most significant expense for fleets but also one of the most important benefits of preventive maintenance on corporate fleet vehicles. Additionally, adequate vehicle checks reduce CO2 emissions harmful to the environment.

4. Extending the engine lifetime

Timely and effective maintenance on your fleet prevents costly failures, major accidents, and also extends the engine lifetime. As a result, vehicle lifetime increases and total cost of ownership decreases - the key for optimized asset utilization.

5. Cost reduction by reducing repairs

When we talk about preventive and corrective maintenance, the big difference is in the costs. By anticipating damage caused by wear and tear, as well as breakdowns, the need for corrective maintenance is minimized, which has a direct impact on capital savings. Having most of your vehicles active also increases the amount of tasks done, thus creating more revenue for your company. If none of your vehicles suffer unexpected stops, it will not be necessary to hire expensive tow vehicles.

As you can see, the preventive maintenance of a vehicle brings broad benefits to both the fleet and your company. Pulpomatic’s smart maintenance tools allow you to execute your preventive maintenance program without delay and measure its effectiveness across time, ultimately optimizing your vehicle operation.


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